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Apple in the Middle
By Assistant Professor Dawn Quigley, Education. From the publisher: Apple Starkington turned her back on her Native American heritage the moment she was called a racial slur for someone of white and Indian descent, not that she really even knew how to be an Indian in the first place. Too bad the white world doesn’t accept her either. And so begins her quirky habits to gain acceptance. Apple’s name, chosen by her Indian mother on her deathbed, has a double meaning: treasured apple of my eye, but also the negative connotation—a person who is red, or Indian, on the outside, but white on the inside. After her wealthy father gives her the boot one summer, Apple reluctantly agrees to visit her Native American relatives on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in northern North Dakota, for the first time. Apple experiences conflict as she deals with the culture shock of Indian customs and the Native Michif language, while trying to find a connection to her dead mother. She also has to deal with a vengeful Indian man who has a violent, granite-sized chip on his shoulder because he loved her mother in high school but now hates Apple because her mom married a white man. Yet, as Apple meets her Indian relatives this summer, she finds that she just may have found a place to belong. One by one, each character—ranging from age five to eighty-five—teaches her, through wit and wisdom, what it means to be a Native person, but also to be a human being while finding her place in the world. Apple shatters Indian stereotypes and learns what it means to find her place in a world divided by color. Debut Young Adult Native American novel, by Dawn Quigley. Hardcover. 264 pp. Winner of the 2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Young Adult Fiction--General
Price: $25.95
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Liberating Sanctuary: 100 Years of Women's Education...
Describes the history of the College of St. Catherine. Great gift for alumnae!
Price: $80.00
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Murder at Pelican Lake
By former staff member Marjorie Mathison Hance. From the publisher: When Carley loses her high-profile job and her partner in the span of a few short months, she returns to the place that feels most like home – her childhood cabin on Pelican Lake, Minnesota. But when a teenager is abducted, it becomes clear that her once-sleepy vacation community has its share of secrets – and someone who will kill to keep them hidden. As her cabin becomes the epicenter of an investigation, Carley must question the neighbors she knows and trusts. Will she uncover the shocking truth before things turn deadly? In this cozy mystery, one small community learns that the view from the dock isn’t always what it seems.
Price: $15.95
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Our Lady of Victory by Mary Ann Brenden
New! 72 pages. Color photographs. All proceeds benefit chapel restoration projects.
Price: $25.00
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Reading the Art in Caldecott Award Books
By Heidi Hammond, associate professor in Master of Library & Information Science. From the publisher: Reading the Art in Caldecott Award Books is a practical and easy-to-use reference handbook explaining what makes the art in Caldecott Medal and Honor books distinguished. It is a useful manual for librarians, teachers, and others who want to better understand picture book illustration.
Price: $42.00
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The Ulysses Delusion: Rethinking Standards of Literary Merit
Newest book from English professor Cecilia Konchar Farr. From the publisher: Popular fiction follows literature professors wherever they go. At coffee shops or out for drinks, after faculty meetings or classes, even at family reunions – they are persistently pressed to talk about bestselling novels. Questions immediately follow: What do I mean when I say a book is "good"? Why do contemporary novels like these, conversations like these, matter to professors of literature? Shouldn't they be spending their time re-reading The Great Gatsby? The Ulysses Delusion confronts these questions and answers their call for more engaged conversations about books. Through topics like the Oprah's Book Club, Harry Potter, and Chick Lit, Cecilia Konchar Farr explores the lively, democratic, and gendered history of novels in the US as a context for understanding how avid readers and literary professionals have come to assess them so differently.
Price: $34.99
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